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Oracle WMS Implementation

The result of a successful implementation process will be reflected in the impact of the project on the business and the ability to achieve the objectives defined in the short and medium term (achieve productivity and performance) in terms of results of the distribution center.

At LogistiChange we have developed an implementation methodology based on our consulting experience that will not only allow you to integrate and configure the software according to your logistic processes, but will empower your collaborators in the use of OWMS and obtain the best system performance.



Our team of expert consultants will design the operation of your distribution center identifying all the processes of your supply chain, giving importance to the business requirements and particularities of each client.


One of the keys to the implementation is the Key User and operative training in OWMS, for which the implementation service includes ad hoc plans for each project (see "Our Services", "Key Users & Operational Training” for more information).


The implementation considers the evaluation, execution and monitoring of a start-up plan agreed with the client to ensure the project success, and subsequent support and evaluation for continuous improvement.

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