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Case Studies

Our clients are our most important asset and together we gain the experience to improve every day the services we provide

Retailer with the most extensive coverage in stores in the Chilean territory with annual revenue of 600MMUSD.

Abcdin is a retail specialized in sales of electronic and home products, including +80 stores,

E-commerce & Home Delivery. Dijon specializes in the design and sale of garments in +70 stores.

ADRetail's logistics is supported by a 40,000 sqm DC with automated processes including: Microshuttle, Carton Sorter & Put to Light stations


Department Store specialized in retail products like house product, clothing, men, women and children accessories throughout its 39 stores nationwide, representing 158K sqm of sales, 450MM USD of annual sales.


The company is implementing a new Distribution Center of 45.000 m2 that incorporates the latest technology to automate preparation and consolidation order processes through a Micro-Shuttle of 10K position, Put to light stations and shoe sorter.


Easy, part of Cencosud Group, is an international holding with more than 50 years of history and with a strong presence in Latin American market that operates with a multiformat strategy through supermarket, home improvement stores, shopping centers, departments stores y financial retail.

Easy specializes in product commercialization and services focuses on construction, rebuilding, and household equipment.

The company currently operates in three countries in Latin America: Argentina -42 stores-; Colombia -10 stores-; and Chile -35 stores throughout the country; 87 stores in South America whose annual sales where over 2 BN USD and has 12 % participation on Chilean market.

Inkafarma is the largest Pharmacy Retail Chain in Peru and is part of the Intercorp Group of Companies. It generates 700 MMUSD in sales, +1200 stores and employees in excess of 6,000 associates.

Inkafarma's logistics is supported by a 9.000 sqm DC with automated processes including an Mini-Tilt, Carton Sorter & Pick to Light stations to dispatch +420.000 units per day.

Mifarma is Pharmacy Retail Chain that generated 750 MMUSD a year in revenue, in+1000 stores.

Mifarma's DC has +7.000 sqm and is powered by a A-Frame MHE to dispatch +380.000 units per day.

Supermarket chain with +260 stores in Peru whose sales for 2017 period where over 1.300 MMUSD.

Supermercados Peruanos's logistics is supported by a 60.000 sqm DC with automated Shoe Sorter for flow through and storage process. SP's DC dispatch +150.000 cases per days 

Retailer with + 20 stores in Perú, with more than 100,000 sqm in sales rooms that allows 

Oechsle to have a market share of 13%, and annual sales of over 300 MM USD.

Oeashle's logistics is supported by a 15.000 sqm DC for stores replenishment, E-Commerce & Home Delivery processes.

Multi Center.png

Multicenter is one of the largest and established companies in Santa Cruz. Known by selling household items, focused on decoration segment, it offers a variety of unique and exclusive gardening, landscape gardening, household appliance, and decoration items.


The company has an active range of 20k SKUs and an 8.000 sqm main Distribution Center that can be able to handle an omnichannel strategy through the final client and  125K of replenishment monthly lines to its stores.


Pharmaceutical supply chain leading Bolivian market has a total of 102 branches in Cochabamba, La Paz, Tarija, Oruro, Chuquisaca, Beni, Pando, Potosí and, Santa Cruz that provides personal care and home care products, beauty products, snacks and a complete range of medications.

It has a modern Hub 3 000 sqm storage deposit, 2 500 SKU (sales unit), more than 2 000 picking locations, three-level conveyor belt, Put to light stations, temperature control in the central nave and refrigerated warehouse, becoming one of the most important and modern Distribution Center in the country.

Studio F is a Colombian enterprise that has more than 17 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and commercialization of clothing and women accessories prêt-à-porter, totaling annual revenue of 200 MM USD.


STF Group has more than 344 stores and franchises in the region; it operates in 8 countries (Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile and, Colombia), 96 corners and shop in shop. Its 6 annual collections represent a 6 million articles production. Studio F has a 3.000 sqm General Distribution Center, more than 20k picking positions and an automated order process support by Hang-Sorter to meet the daily demand of 50K units.


The Colombian women fashion brand, Studio F, is fulfilling its expansion plan in Mexico, its mayor international market in the world, where it can show it most recent clothing collection, accessories, and fashion complements and shoes through its 70 sales points.


Studio F Mexico has a 2.000 sqm Distribution Center, 10k picking positions that can be able to handle transport flows through stores, market place with Liverpool, Privalia and Amazon, wholesales and its explosive e-commerce sales channel.

Grupo Ayvi.png

Founded in 1967, Ayvi Group is an enterprise devoted to the commercialization, processing, and distribution of meat products. Its 10 000 sqm Distribution Center is operated by Frialsa, one of the 10 controlled temperature logistic operator most important worldwide whose monthly demand reach 13k pallets on a high standard quality cold chain.


It also has 10 Hubs throughout the national territory and strategically distributed to supply different market segments like foodservice, self-service, wholesalers, and distributors.

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