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01. Client Focused

Investigate and understand the real needs of each client, sharing responsibility for the results of the investment project that results in a long-term business relationship, represents the foundation of the LogistiChange customer’s relationship a relationship intended to last.

​Even if there is a large variety of challenges and our customers have a wide range of needs, we seek to be your partner on the road towards excellence.

02. Broad Experience

We have a team with experience in more than 40 implementations worldwide and a strong presence in Latin America in Department Stores, Pharmaceutical companies and, Supermarkets as well as Home Improvement, 3PL's and Fast Foods companies with emphasis on E-commerce / Home Delivery operations.

Our consultants have participated in implementations that have been overcome despite a different array of difficulties and have effectively been taken over, which makes us have a proven successful track record.

03. Extensive Know-How

We know that the customer is not interested in the product itself, but what the product can do for him, so our consultant team is not only expert in Oracle WMS solution but will also achieve maximum software performance according to your business processes and requirements.


We are at the forefront of new software functionalities to maintain our competitive advantage.

04. Consulting Team

We are professionals who have been in both the clients and the consultant areas and have participate in small, medium-sized companies, market leaders and multinationals. We have seen projects as analysts, project managers and operations managers.

Our advantage is a complete vision of what a project implementation itself is.

05. Result Driven

Our purpose as an implementation team is to deliver solutions focused on generating value for the client, which have a high impact on the expected results for the organization.


We seek to prioritize and focus on the key activities that will achieve sustainable results over time.​ Your results are our goal.

Why Choose LogistiChange?

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